Dog ownership is good for you!

Two recent studies have provided further evidence that owning a dog is good for you.

Compared to people who did not own a dog, researchers found that for dog owners:

  • The risk of death for heart attack patients living alone after hospitalization was 33% lower.
  • The risk of death for stroke patients living alone after hospitalization was 27% lower.

The lower risk of death associated with dog ownership could be explained by an increase in physical activity and the decreased depression and loneliness, both of which have been connected to dog ownership in previous studies.

These impressive results give us one more reason to enjoy the unconditional love and company of our furry friends.

For more information see: Mwenya Mubanga, Liisa Byberg, Agneta Egenvall, Erik Ingelsson, Tove Fall. Dog Ownership and Survival After a Major Cardiovascular EventCirculation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 2019; 12 (10)

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