COVID Second Wave Lockdown

We will be open through this lockdown in the way we have been over recent months, so that animals can be treated and cared for as usual whilst protecting their people and our staff from transmission of the disease. Consultations will continue to be distanced and outside, and animals will be taken inside by members of staff. Please ring the surgery for more information.

COVID-19 update

It’s very encouraging to see lockdown being released, and we have carried out detailed risk assessment to gauge the feasibility of returning to more normal working practices. Whilst most of the staff team are now back at work, we do have members with vulnerable people in their households, so want to continue to minimise the risk of them becoming infected, as well as continuing to protect our clients and their contacts. So we’re not letting owners inside the buildings with their animals just yet, apart from in certain exceptional circumstances.

We’re looking forward to being able to welcome people back in, but at the moment will continue to see the important ones – the animals- on their own, after talking things over with their people in the relative safety of the outside.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.