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As pet owners we are concerned about whether our pets are in pain and, if they are, what we can do to help them.  Although we know our pets well, recognising signs of pain in animals is a mixture of art and science. Read our blog to learn more about how we identify signs of pain in cats and whether heart disease is painful. Published on: 22nd November 2019
Did you know that 40% of apparently healthy cats in a recent large UK study had an audible heart murmur? Read our latest blog for more information on how we tell which cats have heart murmurs that matter. Published on: 14th November 2019
The grading of heart murmurs can be a source of confusion - it's logical that a grade 4 sounds worse than a grade 2 but is that always the case? Read our latest blog to find out more. Published on: 30th October 2019
Most sensible dogs don't like vets. So what happens if you are a vet's dog? At last I have a forum to vent my angst and share how I get revenge. Published on: 14th October 2019
Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent. But a recent study of the way domestic cats respond to their owners suggests that the depth of their human attachments have been underestimated. This resonates with our observations that cats are much more relaxed during consultations if their owners are present. Published on: 4th October 2019
Vet visits can be stressful but we try hard to reduce the fear factor for both you and your pet - read about how we do that... Published on: 30th September 2019
Cooling jackets can be an important part of the treatment plan for dogs who overheat in warm weather or during intense exercise. Published on: 17th September 2019
CAM device - a new device for monitoring heart rate and rhythm in cats and dogs whilst they perform normal activities at home. Published on: 15th June 2019