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Weight loss is a common in dogs and cats with heart failure. Here's some tips on how to manage this potentially frustrating problem. Published on: 20th March 2020
Some heart diseases in dogs can be treated with keyhole surgery and this minimally invasive approach reduces post-op recovery time. From March 2020 we will be offering these treatments - read more in our latest blog. Published on: 27th February 2020
It is well known that providing care for a human patient with chronic illness is challenging and, even when the gifts of time, energy, love and care are willingly given, it can cause strain - also known as caregiver burden. We recognise that caregiver burden also occurs in veterinary clients and our latest blog reviews signs and possible coping strategies. Published on: 12th February 2020
Clinical research is an important aspect of the work of veterinary specialists where we publish our experience. This month Ruth is proud to be part of a team whose article has been published in the highly regarded Journal of Small Animal Practice. Published on: 5th February 2020
Heart valve disease a common cause of heart murmurs in middle aged and older small breed dogs. Our latest blog explains more about this condition including links to videos. Published on: 23rd January 2020
In January many of us will be trying to lose some weight but is there evidence this could also help our pets? Published on: 13th January 2020
A recent report has shown that owning a dog is associated with a longer life and also a better recovery from heart attacks and strokes. Read more on our blog page. Published on: 2nd January 2020
The resting respiratory (breathing) rate of cats and dogs provides us with valuable information about how well we are controlling their heart disease. This blog describes how to measure your cat or dog's resting respiratory rate. Published on: 2nd December 2019