For vets


Cardiology Services we offer:

ECG including ambulatory ECGs (Holter, Alive Cor, CAM devices and Reveal LINQ all available)


Non-invasive blood pressure monitoring

Thoracic radiographs

Airway evaluation including bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage

Airway and thoracic surgery

Interventional cardiology – balloon valvuloplasty, ACDO placement for PDA and pacemaker implantation

Telephone advice including ECG and radiograph interpretation

Satellite clinics at Oak House Vets and Park View Vets

You are welcome to use our owner information leaflets

We offer an out of hours telephone advice service and can accept selected cases as emergencies outside normal working hours.  In the event of an out of hours emergency, please phone the normal practice number and you will be instructed on how to contact a cardiologist.

Contact us for more information on our cardiology services in Etwall