Being a vet’s dog

So, at last, a chance to talk about me. I am Oreo – a dashingly handsome pedigree Spoodle. Curiously, Good Cop and Bad Cop were looking for a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy but, for reasons that neither can remember, found themselves purchasing me – a Gumtree puppy from Norfolk.

Some facts about me:

  1. I am great at gardening and home improvement. The texture of skirting boards is just sublime and the garden was where some of my best artistic installations and research on chaos theory was performed.
  2. I have a gut that’s tougher than a cement mixer and am proud to have eaten things that the Labrador declined.  One of my favourite indiscretions was my assault on the Christmas tree which led a whole body x-ray and lasting proof that I ate tinsel followed by a very pleasing sparkly poo.
  3. I live with a Labrador who, after 3 years, remains snooty and is yet to acknowledge my presence. Her loss.
  4. Spoodles do moult. In big chunks. We’re also quite gritty so the hypoallergenic idea is fanciful.
  5. I can hear and understand commands only if you are offering me food. Without food I am completely deaf and, at best, will just look at you blankly.
  6. I have met two orthopaedic surgeons – Mr Splint and Mr Saw.
  7. I am participating in Movember – more on that in my next blog.

Ooohhh – think I just smelt some fox poo. See you later fans!


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