Sarah's blog - February 2020

Some heart diseases in dogs can be treated with keyhole surgery and this minimally invasive approach reduces post-op recovery time. From March 2020 we will be offering these treatments - read more in our latest blog. Published on: 27th February 2020
It is well known that providing care for a human patient with chronic illness is challenging and, even when the gifts of time, energy, love and care are willingly given, it can cause strain - also known as caregiver burden. We recognise that caregiver burden also occurs in veterinary clients and our latest blog reviews signs and possible coping strategies. Published on: 12th February 2020
Clinical research is an important aspect of the work of veterinary specialists where we publish our experience. This month Ruth is proud to be part of a team whose article has been published in the highly regarded Journal of Small Animal Practice. Published on: 5th February 2020