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Experienced Veterinary Cardiology Specialists and Nurses in Derby

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So caring and helpful. Made us feel less anxious and our cat coped better than expected with his visit due to their support and kindness.
I want thank everyone at Sarah Smith Cardiology from the bottom of my heart! Ruth and Sarah were absolutely fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough. They were professional, compassionate and incredibly reassuring from the consultation right through until after surgery.
Whilst taking your dog to the cardiologist in any circumstances isn't great, during the pandemic makes it a lot worse. However we were reassured by the caring professional nature of Sarah. Dudley was very well looked after and couldn't have been in better hands
You always expect professionalism from medical staff (and you will find it here)... What you will also find here, that is becoming increasingly rare nowadays, is humanity and empathy.

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Heart disease information

Keyhole surgery for heart disease in dogs

Some heart diseases in dogs can be treated with keyhole surgery and this minimally invasive approach reduces post-op recovery time. From March 2020 we will be offering these treatments – read more in our latest blog.

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Owner information

Caregiver burden

It is well known that providing care for a human patient with chronic illness is challenging and, even when the gifts of time, energy, love and care are willingly given, it can cause strain – also known as caregiver burden. We recognise that caregiver burden also occurs in veterinary clients and our latest blog reviews signs and possible coping strategies.

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