Tim and Clair Blessed

In April 2009 we noticed Alfies heart beating irregularly fast and almost, to us, out of his rib cage. We were to discover later, thanks to Sarah Smith, that this was the first stage of heart failure. We took him to the local vets who after partially stabalising him referred us to Sarah Smith. Before seeing Sarah, Alfies life expectancy was very short and he wasnt expected to see the week out. However, due to her undoubted skill, knowledge and intervention, Sarah managed to prevent Alfies premature death. This has been an emotional rollercoaster for the family and Sarah has been exceptional in terms of her support reassurance and expertise. For anyone considering using her services we can only give our unqulaified and wholehearted recommendation. 2 and a half years later from his life changing incident, Alfie has recently enjoyed his 8th birthday. With the necessary drugs to control his condition and with regular check ups from Saarh he is still the loveable old rogue he always was before ~ the same old Alfie!!

Tim and Clair Blessed, Wollaton Nottingham.

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