Throughout Billy’s life I always wanted the very best and in Sarah I had just that, it is not often a vet is genuinely intrested in and so obviously loves animals with a passion, her knowledge of cardiology is second to none and in ¬†addition to this she is such a caring person. Sarah always incudes you in what is going with your pet even to the extent of taking time to educate you the owner in the on going care. She is a totally professional dedicated, gifted ¬†person who will always go that extra mile when I know for sure most vets most certainly would have given up on my Billy years ago. Sarah looked after Billy for 10 of his 13.5 years and without her total care and commitment I would not have had that amount of time with my precious Billy, so to me Sarah this makes you totally irreplaceable.

Thank you for being the very best, you are so much appreciated.

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