Cool dog
Hot weather strategy for heart disease

Cooling coats are great for dogs with heart or breathing problems. The inner layer retains water which evaporates from the upper surface cooling the lower impervious surface next to the dog’s skin. Paddling pools are [...]

Ground breaking treatment to delay heart failure

The most common heart disease in dogs, Mitral Valve Disease, can now be treated before symptoms of heart failure are apparent. The EPIC trial has shown significant benefit of pimobendan vs placebo in cases of advanced preclinical mitral [...]

Angiostrongylus alert

We have seen a few cases of angiostrongylus (so called lung worm or french heart worm) recently. In all cases the dogs were referred for investigation of known heart disease that was not responding to [...]

Hope for Dobermanns

The results of the PROTECT trial investigating the efficacy of the drug pimobendan in Dobermanns with sub-clinical heart disease (disease with no symptoms) has now been published. Dogs on the trial that were receiving pimobendan [...]

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