Case Studies

Endocarditis in My Cat

Manuel, my own lovely cat, became very ill last week with breathing difficulties, hind limb lameness and dramatic weight loss.At first I assumed that he had succumbed to the congenital hole in the heart that [...]

Inhaled foreign body: Merlo’s cough

Merlo had been coughing for a while and was referred for investigation. Radiographs indicated an abnormal area associated with an area of secondary airways and bronchoscopic examination (flexible camera) under general anaesthesia confirmed the presence [...]

A Bulldog With Severe Breathing Difficulties

Parker, a charming English Bulldog, was referred to us for breathing difficulties. He had recently been acquired, having had several previous homes even though he was a relatively young dog. His new owners found that [...]

simon the cat
Ventricular Septal Defect

Manuel, born in a cat rescue centre, was referred for investigation of a heart murmur picked up by the vet who tested him prior to potential rehoming. He seemed fit and healthy in every other [...]