Is there parking available close to the practice?
Yes, we have private parking on site.
Will I have to leave my animal?
For most procedures we encourage owners to stay with their animals. You will not be able
to stay with them if they are undergoing X rays or general anaesthesia.
Do I have to stay with my animal?
Most animals are more relaxed while their owners are with them, but if you donʼt want to
stay, you are welcome to leave them with us for a while.
Do you need to shave my animal?
In most cases a small amount of fur must be shaved from both sides of the chest so that
scanning can be done. Where this is done in showing animals (e.g. Newfoundlands) every
attempt is made to make this area subtle. Hairless animals and those with short coats do
not require shaving.
Will my animal need sedation?
The vast majority of animals are calm for the conscious procedures we do, especially
when the owner is present (e.g. echocardiography), so sedation is not required. However if
sedation is required for any reason this may be given and allowed to take effect while the
owner is present.
How do I arrange for you to see my animal?
This should be done by referral through your own veterinary surgeon. Tell them that you
would like to be referred and they can contact Sarah directly.
Do you let my vet know what you have done to my animal?
Yes, wherever possible we will fax or Email a letter to your vet on the same day. In some
cases, such as where urgent action is required, we will ring them.
I want to make an appointment for breed screening. Do I have to go through my own
veterinary surgeon?
No, you can contact the surgery directly. The results of the test will be posted to your vet.
Do you have facilities for animals to be hospitalised overnight?
Yes, we have kennel facilities (separate dog and cat areas) for after certain surgical
procedures or where an animal is severely affected by its disease and would benefit from
high dependency treatment. We do not provide 24 hr intensive care at present.